A famous singer who recently gave birth to a son has been embroiled in a serious revelation

Rapper Giant Pink’s dog bit another person’s dog to death.

On May 16th, Xports News reported about victim A, who recently suffered an accident in which their dog was bitten by Giant Pink‘s dog at Hangang Park, Seoul. At the time of the accident, Giant Pink’s older sister B was present at the scene. Giant Pink reportedly learned of the death only a few days after the accident.

Giant Pink

According to the report, on May 7th, A encountered B, two dogs of Giant Pink and two men while taking a walk at Hangang Park with their dogs Kkomi and Yomi. While both sides’ dogs were looking around, a dog of Giant Pink suddenly ran over to Kkomi and bit her to death. Kkomi was immediately taken to the animal hospital, but she was already killed on the spot. However, B did not appear at the animal hospital and only appeared two days after the accident. Regarding this, A claimed, “I didn’t feel that she came to apologize.”

Giant Pink

Afterward, A was contacted by Giant Pink’s husband five days after the incident and was able to receive an apology. However, A said, “Seeing Giant Pink sell things live and smile made my heart sink. I’m having a hard time in my daily life. It’s not just for the purpose of slandering. In the future, the insufficient law should be improved and there should be no more victims.”

Giant Pink

Meanwhile, Giant Pink got married in November 2020. She was congratulated on her pregnancy last year and announced the news of childbirth in March. She also revealed her daily life when appearing on SBS’ “Same Bed, Different Dreams 2: You Are My Destiny”.

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