“You are the replacement driver, right?”… A famous male idol who experienced “recognition humiliation” near his studio

When famous idols go to restaurants and cafes or when they walk down the streets, many people recognize their faces.

However, there is an idol member who experienced “recognition humiliation” near his studio.

He is MONSTA X‘s Shownu.

On Dec 16th, a Vlog video that Shownu filmed before his military service was posted on MONSTA X’s official YouTube channel.

In the video, Shownu introduced a short anecdote that he experienced around 10 PM the previous day.

He said, “I parked my car at the restaurant right in front of my studio, and I found that there were two people sitting on the ground in that parking lot.

The citizens found Shownu, too. They shouted, “Huh? You are…

monsta x shownu youtube

After realizing that the citizens recognized him, Shownu replied “No, I’m not” as he did not want to make it obvious that he is an idol.

However, the citizens did not give in to Shownu’s reaction and continued to ask, “How come you are reacting that way then?

monsta x shownu youtube

While Shownu was bewildered, the citizens asked Shownu again, “You are the replacement driver, right?

They mistook Shownu, who appeared in the parking lot late at night, for a replacement driver.

He explained, “No, no. I’m not a replacement driver.” However, the citizens embarrassed Shownu by saying, “Yes, you are. Why are you trying to cover it up?

monsta x shownu youtube

Fans who heard Shownu’s story burst into laughter with reactions such as “I think it must have been really embarrassing” and “How do funny things always happen to Shownu?

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