“Due to the Itaewon disaster, my friend…” A famous female broadcaster on AfreecaTV reported sad news

AfreecaTV’s famous female broadcaster Kim Ha-kong (Kim Ha-hyun) confessed that she lost her friend in the Itaewon crush disaster.

Kim Ha-kong left a notice titled “Everyone” on AfreecaTV’s station on October 30th.

She then said, “I just got a call, and was informed that a really close friend of mine died at the scene of the Itaewon crowd crush yesterday (October 29th)”, adding “I’m so sorry but broadcasts today and tomorrow will be canceled. I’m very sorry”. 

kim ha kong itaewon stampede

Kim Ha-kong also released parts of the messages she exchanged with her acquaintances.

After reading the notice on Kim Ha-kong’s AfreecaTV channel, netizens responded, “May the deceased rest in peace”, “Hope you overcome the pain and stay healthy”, “I’m so sorry to hear that”, etc.

kim ha kong itaewon stampede

Kim Ha-kong debuted on AfreecaTV in 2018 and received AfreecaTV Rookie Award the following year. She is carrying out active activities and has exceeded 100,000 Youtube viewers by posting various contents, such as introducing her boyfriend and communicating with fans.

itaewon stampede

The Itaewon disaster occurred on October 29th as a crowd crush caused a number of deaths on Halloween Day. As of recently 154 deaths, with 56 men and 98 women, have been confirmed. Therefore, the government decided to hold a national mourning period until the end of November 5th.

Source: wikitree

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