A dating photos series of Kim Min Hee and Jo In Sung suddenly climbed to the top of Dispatch 

The scandalous “homewrecker” Kim Min Hee and actor Jo In Sung were spotted dating by Dispatch, surprising netizens.

Every word spoken on April Fool’s Day is doubtful, but on this day 6 years ago, Dispatch made people think otherwise by unveiling Kai (EXO) and Krystal‘s relationship. Everyone thought that it was just Dispatch’s joke, but SM Entertainment confirmed the above news to be 100% true. From then on, not only January 1st, but April 1st is also the time when fans expect this media news to publicize the relationship of a certain star couple.

By this year, only 4 days after April Fools’ Day, people were suddenly confused by the dating news of a star couple lying on the top of the hot news on the Dispatch homepage. That is the article that revealed the dating story of Kim Min Hee and actor Jo In Sung. In the article, the most noticeable is the whole series of photos of the couple secretly getting in the car to go on a date. This information immediately made netizens bewildered, wondering if Kim Min Hee had left the director who is at the same age as her father, Hong Sang Soo, for Jo In Sung.

But in fact, these photos have been captured from 9 years ago. The dating news of a star couple suddenly hit the top of Dispatch, causing people to panic thinking that a new couple was born. But it seems that this year, netizens are “craving” for a couple on April Fool’s Day, so they just “digged” the old post again.

At the end of April 2013, Jo In Sung confirmed that he was dating Kim Min Hee after this newspaper posted a photo of evidence. It is known that the couple fell in love after 11 years of being friends. This love is not supported by the public because Jo In Sung is clean of scandals while Kim Min Hee has a complicated private life and has dated many men. After 18 months, this love also ended with the eternal reason in showbiz: Hectic schedule.


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