A celebrity famous for his “boyfriend photo” will make a surprise appearance in the sequel to “Strong Woman Do Bong Soon”

“Strong Woman Kang Nam Soon”, the sequel to “Strong Woman Do Bong Soon”, gains attention with a recent cast reveal.

There is a celebrity who drew attention by announcing his appearance in “Strong Woman Kang Nam Soon”, the sequel to the hit drama “Strong Woman Do Bong Soon”. His name is Joo Woo Jae, a model and broadcaster.


In particular, SPOTV News reported on October 11th that Joo Woo Jae is returning as an actor through JTBC’s upcoming drama “Strong Woman Kang Nam Soon”.

According to reports, Joo Woo Jae will appear in a drama for the first time in about a year since the web drama “Fang”, which aired in 2021.

joo woo jae

It is known that he is currently filming for “Strong Woman Kang Nam Soon”, and attention is focused on what kind of acting transformation he will show.

Joo Woo Jae is currently active in a number of entertainment programs such as “Love Naggers”, “While You Are Cold 4”, and “Hong Kim Dong Jeon” (literal translation), at the same time gaining popularity. 

joo woo jae

As the news spread, netizens left various comments on the online community “theqoo”, saying, “Oh fighting”, “Were you originally an actor?”, “I think your acting has improved”, “It’s perfect to see you being swayed by a powerful female protagonist”, “Fluttering helplessly”, and so on .

“Strong Woman Kang Nam Soon” is a work that expands the worldview of the 2017 JTBC series “Strong Woman Do Bong Soon”.

joo woo jae

Actress Lee Yumi has been cast as the main character, Kang Nam Soon, while PD Kim Jung Sik of the web drama “Work Later, Drink Now” will be in charge of directing. 

In addition, actors Kim Hae Sook, Kim Jong Un, Ong Seong Woo, and Byun Woo Seok will also appear as cast members. “Strong Woman Kang Nam Soon” is scheduled to air in the first half of next year.

Source: wikitree

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