A cast member of gay dating show was suspected of “cheating” just one day after becoming final couple

Cheating suspicion has been raised over a cast member who became the final couple on the gay dating program “His Man”.

Hyeok-jun and Jeong-ho became the final couple on wavve’s original entertainment program “His Man”, which was released on August 26th.

After the release of the final episode, Jeong-ho received support from many people by leaving hints on his Instagram that the two are still dating.

However, controversy arose after it was revealed by netizens that Hyeok-jun had “lovestagram” with another person. In addition, Hyeok-jun and Jeong-ho unfollowed each other on Instagram on August 27th, raising questions.

Jeong-ho even aggravated suspicion by posting a video on his Instagram story in which he said, “I won’t let it go if the person I’m dating cheats on me.” Afterwards, he uploaded another post saying, “I knew everything. I told you everything’s gonna explode.”

As cheating suspicion spread, Hyeok-jun stated his position on Instagram story, “I’ll tell you the facts briefly because I think you’re misunderstanding me.”

He said, “I didn’t have a lover before the program. After a few more meetings with someone I met twice previously, we started dating seriously. After the program was over, my feelings didn’t grow enough for a relationship, so the next day, I expressed my intention to reject his confession through Kakao Talk.”

He explained, “When filming the program, my fluttering feelings for Jeong-ho were true. So we met once two days after the program ended. Jeong-ho lives in the Gyeonggi-do area. We ate and drank cocktails together. The subway was interrupted, so I told him to take a taxi. However, he asked me to let him sleep at my house, so I let him sleep without doing anything else.

Meanwhile, “His Man”, which was first released on July 15th, received a lot of attention even before it began as the first gay dating reality program in Korea.

Source: wikitree

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