“A Business Proposal” will have a special episode full of never-before-seen scenes

According to the latest information released, in addition to 12 main episodes, the drama “A Business Proposal” will have 1 more special episode.

A Business Proposal” is now receiving  great support from the audience.  This drama project has the participation of the four actors, Ahn Hyo Seop, Kim Se Jeong, Seol In Ah and Kim Min Kyu.  After 4 episodes, the rating of Office Dating has increased to 8.7%, nearly double that of episode 1.

A Business Proposal

According to the announcement, the drama “A Business Proposal” will include 12 episodes.  However, recently, SBS announced that this drama will have 1 more special episode.  The special episode of “A Business Proposal” is expected to air at 10 pm on Saturday, March 19 with a duration of up to 1 hour.

A Business Proposal

Currently, the content of the special episode of “A Business Proposal” is still a mystery.  Many viewers think that this episode will be a behind-the-scenes interview of the cast.  However, there are also many people who think this will be a compilation of all the interesting scenes that have never appeared in the drama.

However, these are just rumors spread by netizens, and the real content of the special episode will only be revealed on March 19.  Currently, the audience is extremely excited about the special episode of  “A Business Proposal”.

  • The drama is so good, but you have to wait a week to see it again.  It’s great to have a special episode.
  • Usually only when the show is over will the special episode be made public.  It’s probably because the effects are so good that SBS will release it sooner.
  • Whatever the content, I’m still waiting for the special episode!
A Business Proposal

A Business Proposal” attracts the audience thanks to its beautiful cast and extremely humorous storylines.  The drama is broadcast every Monday and Tuesday on SBS.

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