A belatedly known story: An actor who appeared in “Squid Game” is the family of a victim in a famous unsolved case

Actor who played player 194 in “Squid Game” is gaining attention from netizens. 

On October 14th, on a Korean online community, the story of actor Woo Young Taek who appeared in Netflix’s global sensation “Squid Game” as player 194 was posted and drew much attention.

Woo Young-taek

Player 194 appeared as the opponent of Sung Gi Hoon (Lee Jung Jae) during the tug-of-war game in “Squid Game”.

Actor Woo Young Taek is the older brother of Woo Cheol Won, one of the “missing frog boys” who mysteriously disappeared in Daegu, South Korea on March 26, 1991. Woo Young Taek also appeared as a reporter in the 2011 thriller movie “Children…” based on the case. 

Woo Young-taek

“The Frog Boys Missing Case” is the disappearance of five boys aged 9 to 13 (Woo Cheol Won, Jo Ho Yeon, Kim Young Gyu, Park Chan In, and Kim Jong Sik) living in Seongseo-gu, Dalseo-gu, Daegu on March 26, 1991. Their bodies were discovered on September 26, 2002 as skeletons. It has been 31 years since the incident occurred, but to this day, the perpetrator has not been caught.

Woo Young-taek

Netizens who found out about the story of actor Woo Young Taek left comments of support, saying, “I wonder how his feelings are” and “I hope you can take on a lot of good roles.”

Source: wikitree

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