A 40-year-old celebrity lost 23kg after going through a harsh diet of neither eating rice nor drinking water

In order to retrieve her beauty, actress Kim Bin-woo decided to diet.

Actress Kim Bin-woo married a businessman who is one year younger than her in 2015 and is having two children, one son, and one daughter. During her second pregnancy, her weight rose up to 75kg. Therefore, with the goal to have a beautiful body profile for her shoot, she determined to go on a diet and succeeded in losing weight in the end.


This became a memorable event for her at the age of 40. Recently, she has lost 23kg and is maintaining her body weight at around 54kg. After slimming her body and regaining her ‘golden days’ appearance before marriage, actress Kim Bin-woo could now show off her abs confidently.


In fact, Kim Bin-woo went on a really harsh diet, and she didn’t do it alone. She steadily recorded videos of her dieting process and exercises for five months then shared them on her SNS account. The actress once shared that she didn’t eat a grain of rice for 2 weeks and said, “I couldn’t even drink a single cup of water. I don’t know where I got all my energy from.”


Along with this post, she uploaded a picture of herself on the day of her shoot. In the photo, she showed a crying face while holding a Cola. It is said that many women have been stimulated by her post. Kim Bin-woo said she won the battle against herself, regained her confidence, and also improved her health. While taking her body profile pictures, she showed her determination to get back the weight she had 7 years ago.


Currently, Kim Bin-woo is taking a break from her acting activities to focus on raising her children. However, she is still active on SNS and has been communicating with fans a lot. She recently appeared on TV Chosun’s entertainment program called “The Man Who Writes a Wife Card” to reveal her diet menu and share a special exercising method that anyone can follow.


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