A 2021 hit Korean drama with a low budget but high quality

The audience did not expect this to be a low-budget drama

Youth Of May, starring Lee Do Hyun and Go Min Si, is one of the most memorable dramas of 2021 that has left a lasting impression on viewers. Lasting 12 episodes, this is a low budget drama, even the producer couldn’t get enough funding but everything was done perfectly. The story and historical themes in the drama are all flawlessly accomplished for a sad love story, from the clothing to the environment to the acting abilities of the performers.

Youth Of May is set in the 1980s in Korea, and is based on the Gwangju democratization movement, which occurred from May 18 to 27, 1980. The drama, which took use of a sensitive and tragic historical background, did not cause any controversy, yet it even moved the audience to tears. Hwang Hee Tae (Lee Do Hyun), a medical student and the pride of Gwangju Province, is the narrator of Youth Of May. He is the chaebol family’s son, with an almost ideal life, a gorgeous face, and a bright future. His life changes after a blind date, where he meets his destiny.

Youth Of May dries the audience’s tears with a realistic and heartbreaking story that does not romanticize history. As a result, despite its late release, the drama is still considered a great SE work of the Korean film industry.

youth of may

In addition to the fascinating storyline, the graphics and background of the drama got a lot of appreciation. Despite being a low-budget picture, the iconic 1980s setting and outfits have been meticulously recreated. Furthermore, the actors’ acting abilities are excellent, making “Youth Of May” a great work.

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