A 14-year-old girl allegedly hospitalized due to obsession with BTS, sparking concern about young people’s love for idols 

Parents are being more cautious over their children’s fandom activities, even more so as they are affecting their lifestyles. 

Fans of Korean boy group BTS have always expressed their dedication and support for the group’s project. They know to protect their idols no matter the cause, such as protecting them from being crowded at the airport, raising voice against misinterpreted speeches, malicious talk or racial biases. 

BTS fans formed a “human barricade” to protect their idols at the airport. Image: BTSARMY_legit

While this support for idols is understandable, issues may arise when fans are showing negative obsession. In Ahmedabad, India, more students are in need of consultancy and intervention from psychologists due to their “addiction” to BTS, 70% of which are female. Dr. Kalray Mistry, a psychiatrist at Shalby hospital, said that the hospital received 5 to 7 BTS-obsessive cases every week. 

Parents are worried when their children are hyper-fixated with their idols. Image: Pinkvilla

“In the past 10 days, more than 15 children were brought to the hospital to ask for doctor’s help to overcome their obsession over BTS, with 70% of them being female”, said Dr. Kalray Mistry. 

A teenage female student paid a large amount to learn BTS’s choreography. She even shattered her laptop when asked of her “passionate” love for the Korean group. 

Another 14-year-old female student is “addicted” to BTS to the point of skipping meals and sleeping. She listens to the group’s music for hours on end on her laptop and smartphone. 

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Parents are keeping high alert of their children’s interests for BTS and contact psychologists to find more information as they believe being a BTS fan can lead to obsessive and addictive behaviors. Many schools have hired full-time licensed psychologists to help students better deal with their BTS “addiction”. 

“Currently, the growth of Korean groups are affecting children. When a group performs live at 4 in the morning, many children even stay up late to watch them”, doctor and psychologist Ajab Primuswala shared. 

Many hospital doctors have recommended parents to closely monitor their children’s internet activities and pay attention to their potential changes in behaviors. 

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