62-year-old Actress Who Plays The Mother In K-dramas Confidently Showed Off Her Revealing Style

Park Joon-geum, born in 1962, showed confidence in her sexy styling.

Veteran Park Joon-geum uploaded a summer lookbook video on her YouTube channel on June 6th. In this video, Park wore a t-shirt with a shoulder-exposed design, saying, “I tried hard to maintain my body shape. If you put in effort, you should be rewarded. I took good care of myself, so to me, the summer, the season to show off and cheer, is back.”

park jung geum

“It’s crazy to go around like this in winter,” Park Joon-geum said, “As I get older, I think that I look really pretty even if I take off as much clothes as I want, and that youth is brilliantly beautiful.”

“I look pretty in fine clothes. I look confident when I wear them, and it’s nice to take them off as I enjoy my life,” she added. “People don’t think of age these days. In the past if people my age wore this kind of revealing clothes, people would have thought I was crazy. There are no such things these days.”

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