6 male stars who look like princes but grew up being beaten by their older sisters

There are many male celebrities who are captivating women’s hearts with their dazzling beauty and gentle attitude.

In particular, male celebrities who are the youngest in the family with older sisters attract many people by showing off their unique “younger guy aspect”.

However, contrary to that image, there are stars who confessed that they lived in their older sisters’ captivity.

As they gained great popularity as celebrities, they must have grown up preciously at home. Let’s meet the six stars who lived in their older sisters’ captivity.

1. Actor Kang Dong-won

In an interview in 2010, Kang Dong-won revealed that he had been stuck in the window by his older sister’s “double sidekick”.

Kang Dong-won, who seems to have grown up nicely from a young age, said cheerfully, “I was even beaten up by my older sister.”

Song Hye Kyo Kang Dong Won

Kang Dong-won’s older sister is known to be running a cafe in Kang Dong-won’s building in Gimhae, Gyeongsangnam-do.

2. Actor Kwak Si-yang

When appearing on SBS’ “My Little Old Boy” in 2020, actor Kwak Si-yang revealed that he has four older sisters.

He surprised viewers by confessing that he was beaten up a lot by his older sisters.

Kwak Si Yang

Kwak Si-yang, who is 13 years younger than his eldest sister, said that as the youngest, he ran errands for his older sisters.

3. CRAVITY Song Hyeong-jun

CRAVITY Song Hyeong-jun, who made his name known by appearing on Mnet’s “Produce X 101” in 2019, was also the youngest in his family with two older sisters.

Song Hyeong Jun

In a live broadcast last year, he introduced “being out of sight” and “eating quickly” as ways to be loved by his older sisters.

He also revealed that his older sisters told him to be careful not to get hit by the corner of the remote control when holding it.

4. 2PM Ok Taec-yeon

While talking with the members at 2PM’s charity concert in 2012, Ok Taec-yeon revealed that he was hit by his older sister’s turning kick.


Ok Taec-yeon’s older sister is one year older than him, and nothing else about her is known.

In an interview with Hankyung News in 2013, he confessed that he basically has aegyo because he has an older sister.

5. 2PM Lee Jun-ho

Lee Jun-ho revealed his beautiful older sister through MBC’s “I Live Alone”.

In the broadcast, he surprised everyone by confessing that he had been dragged by his hair by his older sister when he was young.

Lee Jun Ho

However, Lee Jun-ho added, “I used to fight a lot with my older sister in the past, but now I miss and love her because we’ve lived apart for a long time.”

6. BTOB Yook Sung-jae

Yook Sung-jae revealed an anecdote with his older sister on V LIVE in 2019.

He said that he got punched hard in the stomach by his older sister, who was learning Taekwondo at that time, after playing jokes on her.

Yook Sung Jae

Yook Sung-jae revealed the chemistry between real siblings, saying that he often quarreled with his older sister because he was very playful during childhood days.

Source: Insight

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