5 worst dramas of 2021 chosen by Korean netizens: Nevertheless only has bed scenes, Penthouse 3 being mentioned is obvious

Before 2021 ends in one month, audiences have picked out the worst dramas of the year.

Korean netizens recently chose 5 worst dramas of 2021, and the names mentioned below didn’t surprise the viewers at all.

1. Nevertheless

Ended with low ratings, “Nevertheless” getting called out in this list is not something unexpected. Even at the time when it was broadcast, this drama mostly received negative responses. Many viewers criticized the boring script in which all 10 episodes only centered around the push-pull relationship between the main couple. In fact, what remained in the audiences’ minds after “Nevertheless” ended were only the bed scenes.

2. Lost

While “Nevertheless” also got bad feedbacks on the acting skills of the 2 main lead actors, “Lost” raised high expectations before its release thanks to the appearance of the two talented actors, award-winning actress Jeon Do Yeon and the well-received actor Ryu Jun Yeol. However, “Lost” still failed to attract audiences’ attention. It recorded extremely low ratings and was not even mentioned in any online topics. Many viewers pointed out it was because the dark and gloomy atmosphere of this drama made them frustrated.

3. Sysiphus: The Myth

Exploiting the fascinating topic of time travel, with a huge financial investment, Park Shin Hye‘s Sysiphus: The Myth still could not be received by the audience. The content is confusing, unattractive, and Park Shin Hye’s bad acting skills make viewers uncomfortable.

4. Penthouse 3 

As one of SBS’s most commercially successful blockbusters this year, Penthouse 3 is still in the top bad dramas. This is easy to understand when compared to the first two seasons; season three becomes increasingly long, with illogical details. Furthermore, the death of the main cast and spiritual details made viewers uncomfortable.

5. Love Alarm 2 

2021 is a fantastic year for Korean dramas on Netflix, but Love Alarm 2 is an unfortunate exception. Following the success of season 1, the public has high expectations for season 2 of this series. However, the boring and predictable plot, the obnoxious main character, and the ending against the audience’s wishes have rendered Love Alarm 2 a drama worthy of the audience’s curse.


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