5 things we love about Kim Ji Won’s character in “My Liberation Notes” 

Here is why My Liberation Notes’ Yeom Mi Jeong is our favorite K-drama female lead these days. 

tvN’s “My Liberation Notes” is a slice-of-life drama that tells the story of the three Yeom siblings who are exhausted by day-to-day adulthood and wish to break free from their mundane lives. 

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One of the most loved characters in “My Liberation Notes” is the youngest sibling Yeom Mi Jeong (Kim Ji Won). She is timid and introverted. She feels lonely and unfulfilled in her life. Aside from her relatable personality, here are things about Mi Jeong that we love. 

She helps her parents with their farm work

Despite working hard all week at the office, Mi Jeong still spends her free time on weekends helping out with her parents on the farm. She also helps prepare food and cleans the house.

My Liberation Notes

She has a firm belief 

Mi Jeong is a person with a steadfast stance. She doesn’t force herself to join her co-workers’ office parties when she doesn’t want to. She also refuses to join the clubs proposed by the company when she doesn’t think they’re suitable. 

My Liberation Notes

Not everyone can stand their ground in this day and age like Mi Jeong. The rapid growth and dynamic of the current era sometimes get people caught up in a whirlwind of awkwardness and forget about the things that make them truly happy. 

She is hard-working

The company Mi Jeong works for is located in Seoul.  Meanwhile, she lives on the remote outskirts of the city. The long and tiring journey from home to work every single day does not stop Mi Jeong from working hard. 

My Liberation Notes

She accepts criticism and doesn’t give up

Mi Jeong works as a graphic designer at a large company.  However, what she puts out has never been appreciated, and Mi Jeong constantly gets in trouble with her incompetent boss. But she still doesn’t give up and continues to do her job well. As a result, a good opportunity comes to Mi Jeong when her work gets selected by a more capable superior.

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Her courage 

Mi Jeong is an introvert so she tends to be quiet and less social with people around her. However, this does not mean that she is afraid of opening up. A typical example is how she candidly expresses her feelings to Mr. Gu (Son Seok Koo). Mi Jeong’s courage is an inspiration for introverts to be more open and confident. 

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