5 co-stars voted by netizens to create the most beautiful couple with Nam Goong Min

As an actor who used to be paired with the most beautiful actresses of the Korean small screen, which actress has the best chemistry with Nam Goong Min?

Nam Goong Min is not only an actor with extreme acting ability but also an actor who can create great chemistry with his co-stars. Let’s take a look at Nam Goong Min’s co-stars who have created the best chemistry with him on the small screen.

Kim Ji Eun

Nam Goong Min and Kim Ji Eun have worked together 3 times, but both in dramas that do not take love as the main theme. However, the two still create a very good interaction with each other in these works. The two previous dramas that the two have collaborated together were Doctor Prisoner and The Veil, and the latest is One Dollar Lawyer.

In the previous two works, even though there was no clear romantic relationship between the two, their eye contact scenes were still very emotional. In One Dollar Lawyer, audiences can meet the two actors again with their characters with two completely different personalities.

Park Eun Bin

Hot Stove League is Nam Goong Min’s very famous movie and in this film, he is paired with the phenomenon of 2022, Park Eun Bin. With the main theme being baseball, the film exploits the story of a baseball team that used to be in the bottom-class and their journey to become the top team of the league. In the drama, Nam Goong Min is the coach of the team, and Park Eun Bin is the leader of the operation team.

Although the two are 14 years apart in real life, when standing together in the same frame, they still created extremely beautiful chemistry and caused great attraction.

Kim So Yeon

Many viewers were quite surprised to hear that the 2 Daesangs of SBS, Namgoong Min and Kim So Yeon, used to be a couple on the screen? The two used to be co-stars in I Need Romance 3, but unfortunately, Nam Goong Min is only the second male lead in this work. He plays Kim So Yeon’s boss, who tries everything to be able to be with her but eventually, the two break up.

Although they are not the main couple of the drama, the chemistry between the two is considered quite strong and lovely by the audience. In particular, the super-romantic kiss scene between Nam Goong Min and Kim So Yeon still makes many viewers’ hearts flutter when watching it again.

Lee Chung Ah

The audience thinks that Lee Chung Ah and Nam Goong Min are well-matched. Many people expect Lee Chung Ah and Nam Goong Min to actually be a couple in a future project.

Lee Junho

However, netizens all agree that Lee Junho in Good Manager is the best match for Nam Goong Min. The two act as rivals but somehow create amazing chemistry. They even have a cheek kiss scene, which once rocked social media.

Nam Goong Min and Lee Junho also won the Best Couple award at the KBS year-end awards.

A flawless competent actor is someone who has both acting talents and the ability to pick the proper script while also interacting with his co-stars. Nam Goong Min possesses all of these characteristics, which contribute to his increasing success. Hopefully, Nam Goong Min will continue to do outstanding job and create lovely couples on screen after getting married.

Source: dienanh.net

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