4th gen Kpop groups who exploded with charisma while performing in the West 

The influence of Kpop has long expanded outside of Asia, especially with 4th gen idols. 

Recent years have witnessed the ever-evolving influence of Kpop in Western nations, especially after the success of BTS and BLACKPINK. Therefore, the West is now a target market of 4th gen Kpop idol groups, who have been increasing promotions and activities in Europe and America. Among them, groups like aespa, (G)-IDLE, IVE, or ATEEZ have rocked the Western stage and attracted for themselves a huge following. 

4th gen Kpop groups exploded with charisma while performing in the West.

Recently, IVE just finished their groundbreaking stage at Kpop.Flex, which was hosted at the Deutsche Bank Park in Germany. This is the group’s first overseas schedule ever since their debut. 

At this famous Kpop festival, IVE received rave applause for their performance. The visuals of members also become the talk of town, and their perfect physiques also attracted attention. 

IVE delivered a spectacular stage in their first overseas schedule. 
Cheers rang through the stadium at the performance of this 4th gen girl group. 
IVE attracted great attention in the West. 
The group brought a whole visual feast even via regular cameras. 
The members of IVE rocked their stunning figures. 
Jang Wonyoung was a true visual queen at this festival. 

(G)-IDLE was another group that slayed on the stage of Kpop.Flex. Their performance of “TOMBOY” got the audience chanting loudly through the song, and the entire stadium shouted along to the chorus of “Yeah I’m f*ckin tomboy”. 

(G)-IDLE and their stage in Germany 
The entire stadium recited the group’s fanchant for “TOMBOY”. 

Contrary to (G)-IDLE and IVE who totally fired up the crowd, aespa received quite the mixed reaction. In particular, the SM girl group was accused of copying BLACKPINK and media playing for their performance at the 2022 Coachella. 

In addition, people also pointed out the sad number of audiences at aespa’s performance and criticized the group for their lacking stage presence. Some even said that the crowd weren’t even there for aespa, and was only waiting for their stage to end to listen to the next performer, Doja Cat. As a result, aespa’s stage didn’t achieved the desired effect, despite the group’s efforts and determination. 

aespa was mocked for their “lackluster” performance. 
While the group did attract quite a crowd, people said the audience was waiting for someone else. 
The group’s media play greatly irked people. 
The main vocal Ningning was accused of copying Rosé
aespa’s stage outfit bear strong resemblances to BLACKPINK. 

If 4th Kpop groups mostly perform at festivals, then ATEEZ took things to the next level by holding whole concerts there. All of their US concert nights, in Dallas, Atlanta, Newark, Chicago, and Los Angeles, managed to attract a huge number of attendees. Fans couldn’t help but feel extremely proud of the group’s outstanding achievement. 

ATEEZ’s concert nights in the US were filled to the brim with fans. 
The group’s Western popularity greatly surprised netizens in Korea. 

Slowly but surely, 4th gen Kpop idols are improving their influence and standing. Fans of them hold a firm belief that 4th gen will be just as great as their seniors. 

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