4 rising Korean actors whose scandals negatively affect the cast and crew of their projects

Similar to Kim Seon Ho, the following actors also cause damage to the crews, their co-stars or future productions due to their personal scandals.

The Korean entertainment industry in 2021 has been shaken by a series of controversies involving famous actors and actresses. Being involved in scandals shortly after they shot to fame not only damages the reputation of these rising celebrities, but also seriously affects relevant parties such as their co-stars, production crews and future projects that cast them,…

Kim Jung Hyun

The success of two hit dramas “Crash Landing on You” and “Mr. Queen” has brought Kim Jung Hyun‘s acting career and popularity to the next level. As he became more well-known, the actor’s rude behavior towards his co-star Seohyun in the past suddenly resurfaced. During the press conference for the drama “Time”, Kim Jung Hyun repeatedly avoided and showed a cold attitude whenever Seohyun approached him, making the youngest member of SNSD confused in front of the camera. The actor even asked to change the script, cut down the romantic scenes and physical contact with his female co-star, seriously affecting the drama and causing the production crew to go through a tough time.

The viewers turned their backs on Kim Jung Hyun after his rude behavior towards Seohyun and the controversy with his ex-girlfriend Seo Ye Ji were exposed
Kim Jung Hyun coldly rejected to link hand with Seohyun

Seo Ye Ji

Following Kim Jung Hyun‘s scandal, Seo Ye Ji was called out for alleged manipulation of her ex-boyfriend Kim Jung Hyun, causing the actor to act rudely towards his female co-star during the filming of the drama “Time” in 2018.  After the accusations broke out, Seo Ye Ji went from a rising actress thanks to the hit “It’s Okay to Not Be Okay” to the target of criticism from netizens. She ended up withdrawing from the drama “Island”. The production crew of “Island” then had to have the script fixed and delay the filming due to Seo Ye Ji’s scandal.

Seo Ye Ji’s career got in trouble after the scandal

Kim Seon Ho

Kim Seon Ho, one of the most famous faces of recent times, was not immune to the curse of scandal when his career was on the rise. Kim Seon Ho was accused by his ex-girlfriend of forcing her to have an abortion and badmouthing seniors as soon as the drama “Hometown Cha Cha Cha” ended. The incident sparked public outrage, prompting the cancellation of the Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha interview. The only saving grace is that filming on all three of Kim Seon Ho‘s upcoming projects, Sad Tropics, Dogs Days, and 2 O’Clock Date, has yet to begin, giving the producers time to find other male leads.

Kim Seon Ho’s good image has been ruined

Kim Ji Soo

Kim Ji Soo won the hearts of both domestic and international audiences by working hard and improving his abilities with each role. When the drama River Where The Moon Rises starring Kim Ji Soo and Kim So Hyun had just been released, the actor was accused of bullying classmates and sexually harassing a schoolgirl during his schooling. The drama, as well as the crew, suffered a great deal as a result of this scandal. The film crew then quickly decided on Na In Woo to replace Ji Soo. All scenes starring Kim Ji Soo had to be redone. The crew of the drama also suffered a loss of 3 billion won.

Kim Ji Soo’s image collapsed after a series of scandals broke out
Na In Woo has to work many times harder to replace Ji Soo’s position.
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