4 reasons you should look forward to “Panchinko” starring Lee Min-ho and Oscar winner Yoon Yeo-jung 

Korean news site MBC Entertainment posted an article raising expectations for Apple’s original series “Pachinko” after it was pre-released for media reporters. 

iMBC Entertainment News Photo
iMBC Entertainment News Photo

Pachinko” has episodes 1, 2 and 3 scheduled to be released on 3/25 (Fri),  episode 4 on 4/1 (Fri), episode 5 on 4/8 (Fri) for episode 5, episode 6 on 4/15 (Fri), episode 7 on 4/22 (Fri), and episode 8 on 4/29 (Fri). After watching the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd episodes at once, the reporters also had to wait for the next episodes. 

Pachinko” has acting and characters more detailed and realistic than documentaries, unfamiliar scenery that overwhelms the overall atmosphere of the work, a tantalizing development that makes each viewer remember the character’s relationship, and nevertheless, a concentrated story that makes them sympathize with the characters as if it was their family. The 100 years of modern and contemporary history have been captured with war, peace, love and separation, victory and judgment.

This work, which is conducted in three languages: Korean, Japanese, and English, contains the realism of the characters’ settings, especially to the extent that the help of subtitles is essential for some Korean people in some cases, even when it is a Korean line. After watching it all, many are surprisingly impressed to see how the eight episodes contain so many stories, thanks to the directing skills of Kogonada and Justin Chon.

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#Deep Understanding of The Original Book

This work is based on a novel by Lee Min-jin, a 1.5-generation Korean-American immigrant. The actual writer reportedly also went through a difficult time due to opposition from her parents against her Japanese husband. To Koreans, nothing can be as sensitive as the “Korea-Japan war.”

The original novel “Pachinko” depicts how “Soonja” grew up, how hard it was for her to survive, and how “Hometown” means to those who survived in the 1900s, when Japan was invading Korea.

The novel was also nominated for the US’s “National Book Award for Fiction” award and is also sold in the U.S., the U.K., Australia, Ireland, Turkey, and Poland, widely promoting the life of Zainichi (a term referring to Koreans or Koreans living in Japan).

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#Korean-related directors

Korean-Japanese director Kogonada and Korean-American director Justin Chon produced four episodes each. Both are talented directors who received attention at the Cannes Film Festival last year for their works “After Yang” and “Blue Bayou.” In addition, they have somehow experienced the life of a Korean-Japanese or immigrant. How these directors captured their experiences and feelings in the work will be another point to look forward to.

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#Realistic acting by rookie actors

Yoon Yeo-jung, who won the Academy Award, played the role of Seonja in her old age, Lee Min-ho in the role of Hansu, Jinha in the role of Solomon, Kim Min-ha in the role of Seonja in her teens, Anna Sawai in the role of Naomi, Jeong Eun-hee in the role of Kyunghee and Jeong In-ji in the role of Yangjin. Among them, Yoon Yeo-jung, Lee Min-ho, and Jung Eun-chae are likely to be easily recognized by the public.

A large number of unfamiliar faces acting enthusiastically in the work is the easiest condition for viewers to believe that the work is “realistic.” The story goes back and forth between the past and the present, but nevertheless, the viewers were not confused because of the density filled with these actors’ acting.

After seeing this work, you will want to know more about actors such as Jinha, Kim Minha, Anna Sawai, Jeong Inji, Han Joon-woo, Noh Sang-hyun, Soji Arai, and Jeon Yu-na.

iMBC Entertainment News Photo
iMBC Entertainment News Photo

#What is history, country, and hometown?

The first sentence of the original novel is “History has failed us, but no matter.” One can feel deeply how much meaning it contains after watching all eight episodes of the series. 

Apple’s original series “Pachinko” will be released on March 25.

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