4 Korean male stars who have the face of a rich family’s son but actually grew up poor

These male actors may look rich, but they actually come from poor family backgrounds.

Actor Jung Sung Il, who plays Park Yeon Jin’s (Lim Ji Yeon) husband in Netflix’s original series “The Glory”, recalled his poor childhood during his guest appearance on tvN’s “You Quiz on the Block”.

In the episode of tvN’s “You Quiz on the Block” aired on February 1st, Jung Sung Il confessed about his difficult childhood, saying, “I was raised by my sister, but before she came home after school, I was hungry, so I waited for the sand to sink to drink water between the sidewalk blocks. There were times when I filled my stomach with that water.” 

You Quiz Jung Sung Il

Jung Sung Il’s appearance resembles a rich family’s son, but in reality, he had a difficult childhood. Who are the other successful male stars who grew up in an unfortunate environment in the past?

Kim Tae Hee’s husband, Rain (real name Jung Ji Hoon), also revealed about his childhood poverty on TV. He said, “My mother passed away because there was no money.”

Rain said, “We couldn’t buy medicine because we didn’t have money. I could have saved my mother if I had money to buy insulin. I was so poor that I didn’t have a single 100 won. My father went abroad to make money.”

Bi Rain

Rain added, “After my mother’s funeral, I came home and broke and threw the furniture. At that time, I lifted the bed and turned it over to find a bankbook and a letter. My mother already knew she would die and left money for her child.”

He continued, “I clenched my teeth when I saw the bankbook. I decided to stand on my own two feet even if the world turned its back on me.” 

Seo In Guk, who made his face known to the public after winning Mnet’s “Superstar K” in 2009, also talked about his poor family background on a broadcast of KBS2’s “Happy Together”.

seo in guk

He shared, “We were very poor. My mother had to pick up waste papers to maintain the livelihood of our family”. The actor also revealed that his mother didn’t stop picking up waste papers even after he won the audition program.

Seo In Guk proudly said, “Neither I nor my mother feels shameful about that”. In addition, he consistently described his mother as a “cool person”.

Appearing on a broadcast of SBS’s “Strong Heart”, Lee Joon, a former member of the idol group MBLAQ, confessed, “In the past, my family was extremely poor. We didn’t have enough money so I couldn’t even join school trips”.

Lee Joon was accepted to Seoul Arts High School but his high school life was not easy at all.

Lee Joon

The male singer shared, “My ballet shoes are the cheap ones that even students who were preparing for the college entrance exam didn’t wear. I eventually wore one dance suit and one pair of shoes for three years”, adding, “Since I had to wear that only one suit even when it was still wet after being washed, it smelled bad”, recalling his sad memory.

However, Lee Joon did not give up. He continued, “I entered Seoul Arts High School as the student who placed last but graduated with the second rank. I also went to study at the Korea National University of Arts, which is one of the best universities in Korea. Only then did my friends have a different look on me”.

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