4 K-dramas that started as masterpieces but ended as major disappointments: even “Business Proposal” suffered this fate

Even famous actress Son Ye Jin stumbled into these kinds of works. 

1. Itaewon Class

Itaewon Class” is a notorious case of starting well and ending badly. During its initial episodes, people couldn’t help but hail the series as a masterpiece for its intense writing, mind battles, and interesting characters. However, from episode 10 onwards, things started to go downhill. People even had to question if the screenwriter was changed to cause such drastic deterioration.

Itaewon Class
Itaewon Class

2. Business Proposal 

Despite being a massive hit of early 2022, “Business Proposal” became controversial for having an alleged cliché and low-quality plot. The ending, in particular, was sad to be too rushed, with too many events crammed into one episode that it ruined this K-drama for good. 

3. Something In The Rain

Popular as it was, netizens said that the only thing “Something In The Train” contributed to Son Ye Jin’s career was a handsome junior. The plot of the series was deemed as bland, with the only highlight being the main couple’s chemistry, which… was absent for a good half of the series. In the end, even outstanding actors like Son Ye Jin and Jung Hae In couldn’t keep the audience watching. 

4. Now, We Are Breaking Up

While not at masterpiece level, the first half of “Now We Are Breaking Up” was still miles better than the remainder of this series. According to netizens, before the main couple entered an official relationship, this K-drama still had its charms, but they all disappeared as the romance developed. “Now We Are Breaking Up” was said to have an outdated plot, redundant writing, and a completely unremarkable ending. 


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