2PM Jun-ho, BTS V, IVE Won-young… Who’s the best fashionista on the way to work?

Idols who go to work for schedules such as broadcasting stations and airports are always in the spotlight.

This is because it is one of fans’ joys to see natural plain clothes that show the sense of stars. Instead of colorful stage costumes optimized for the concept, we have compiled a list of celebrities’ plain clothes that can meet the standard of true “ggu-an-ggu” (effortless chic) styling.

Kpop idols fashionista

➊ Purple knitwear and black pants make a perfect combination. 2PM Jun-ho‘s mohair-style cozy knitwear is an item that further enhances the dandy charm. In particular, knitwear, which is considered one of the most important items of winter fashion, goes well with any look and can easily create a stylish atmosphere. It is a “best of the best” fashion that takes full advantage of Jun-ho’s broad shoulders and athletic body.

Kpop idols fashionista

Red Velvet Wendy perfectly pulled off the mature yet lively “one plus one” fashion. She matched a classic wool jacket with a vintage check-patterned tennis skirt, showcasing a proper romantic look in winter. Her knee-high boots add a sense of stability to the overall look. As she coordinates items with similar saturation, harmony is also felt naturally. 

➌ Knitwear with intense colors that create a colorful focus point for the outfit is one of the fashion items that can be easily pulled off. HIGHLIGHT’s Lee Ki-kwang emphasized a light and casual image with roll-up jeans and red knit tops. The knitwear was slightly inserted into the pants to make his lower body look longer. The jeans with visible stitching is also a noticeable feature.

Kpop idols fashionista

➍ By adding some point items to the basic styling, one can easily give off a fashionable feeling. Kang Mi-na added a waist belt to highlight her simple and neat set of a beige jacket and black pants. Moreover, her sleeves were slightly rolled up to create a more casual atmosphere. Her bag also added a lovely point to her trendy fashion. Perhaps thanks to this sensible outfit when going to work, Kang Mi-na’s new look as an actress stands out.

Kpop idols fashionista

WOODZ’s fashion looks warm and stylish at the same time. He matched a vintage texture knitted shirt that has a colorful flames pattern as its unique point with a short padded vest to create a casual look. Moreover, WOODZ completed his styling with black jeans, adding a spoonful of trendy vibe. This is a look that stands out when you open it one by one, and also a standard of “decorated by not decorated” style to make an overall neat appearance.

CIX Bae Jin-young, who shows an extraordinary fashion sense, caught the eyes of people with his unique set of a trench coat and fashionable pants. His trench coat, which is tightly fastened around the waist, further emphasized his chic charm. In addition, the bottom part of his pants and his beanie revealed the unique individuality of Bae Jin-young. Bae Jin-young, who refuses to look normal, gives off an aura of a true fashionista.

MOMOLAND Nancy proved that she could show off a sexy look even in the cold winter. Nancy matched her rich dumble jacket with jeans with outstanding figures, perfectly performing a sexy look with a crop top that has pleats details. In particular, the combination of high-rise jeans along with crop top makes her legs look longer.

Kpop idols fashionista

BLACKPINK’s Jennie, who always lead fashion trend, matches colorful items together. Matching printed pants with a green stadium jacket is only possible when it’s Jennie. With bold printing added to the normal combination of hooded T-shirts and stadium jackets, Jennie’s unique fashion is not easy for anyone to follow. 

IVE’s Wonyoung, who is pretty no matter what she does, is also very pretty on her way to work. Wonyoung puts on a romantic fashion style with a lovely pink item that resembles her cuteness. Both baby pink mufflers and pufer jackets automatically give off lovely vibes. The idol matches her pink look with light blue pants and wool slides to create a trendy combination. Even the hairpin she puts on for a while looks like a lovely fashion item. 

Kpop idols fashionista

BTS V‘s fashion stands out with a calm beige look and a green focus point. V showed off his soft charm by matching a double button coat and roll-up pants in tone-on-tone. On top of that, the slightly visible green sweater vest and the color of classic shoes make the outfit look neat. Even the orange juice in his hand looks like a fashion item because of his “V-Sual” and unique fashion sense.

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