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23 contestants of “real-life Squid Game” “Physical: 100” blew the audience away with muscular attractiveness 

The female participants of “Physical: 100” caught eyes not only for their looks but also for their strength and resilience. 

Netflix’s “Physical: 100” is capturing the audience’s attention by presenting a brand new world through dramatic execution. The series contains many intense elimination challenges that reminded the viewers of the brutal world of “Squid Game.” 

100 contestants regardless of age, gender and occupation gather around and face one another to compete for a grand prize of 300 million won. Among the top 3 is Hwang Bit Yeoul, who keeps even the strongest man on his toes. 

Several noteworthy faces after the airing of the first few episodes: 

Physical 100 Hwang Bit Yeoul
Hwang Bit Yeoul – the CrossFitter that created a strong impression at the first episode 
Physical 100 Ahn Da Jeong
Ahn Da Jeong is a bodybuilder with his personal YouTube channel called “Ahn Da Jeong TV”
Physical 100 Choi Hyun Mi
Cho Hyun Mi is the reigning world boxing champion 
Physical 100 Elaine
Elaine is a Singaporean actress who harbored the dream of debuting in a female group but returned home after a year of training 
Physical 100 Jang Eun Sil
Jang Eun Sil is a member of the National Wrestling Team 
Physical 100 Jeong Bo Kyeong
Jeong Bo Kyeong is a part of the National Judo Team 
Physical 100 Joo Jo Yeon
Cheerleader Jo Yeon Jo drew attention for a small physique compared to the others 
Physical 100 kkang mi
Kkang Mi served in the Special Forces for 8 years and is a sergeant first class reservist
Physical 100-Kim Chun Ri
Kim Chun Ri is a famous bodybuilder 
Physical 100-Kim Da Young
Kim Da Young’s background was partly the reason why she was looked down upon 
Physical 100-Shim Eu Ddeum
Shim Eu Ddeum is a YouTuber with more than 1 million followers 

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