2021 – a weird year for YG: Idols take a long break while dancers are constantly busy with new projects

BLACKPINK Jennie also complained about it.

What’s wrong with YG these days! BLACKPINK hasn’t come back for over a year, TREASURE is a rookie but also hasn’t released a new song for 8 months.  With no music schedule, Jennie also has free time to do interesting vlogs on her YouTube channel.  But what’s more remarkable is the schedule of YG’s idols and dancers. 

Specifically, Jennie intended to invite YGX dancers to eat bread together.  But in the end, they were all busy filming Street Woman Fighter.

2021 - a weird year for YG
Jennie complained that she felt left out when everyone was busy filming Street Woman Fighter

Following the success of Street Woman Fighter, the reputation of YGX dancers skyrocketed.  Their fanbase is growing, leading to a series of busy schedules.  The dancers also have their own concerts, performing at MAMA or attending TV shows as if they were idols.

2021 - a weird year for YG
Dancers from YG now have their own concert
2021 - a weird year for YG
And busy with schedules
2021 - a weird year for YG
While idols like BLACKPINK and TREASURE have almost no new products
2021 - a weird year for YG
But stayed home and did mandu

The biggest question right now is: When will BLACKPINK have a comeback again with a packed schedule like YGX dancers?

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