1998-born idol Park Gyu-ri left an ambiguous message on her SNS after the truth about her ex-boyfriend’s age was revealed

This 1988-born idol Park Gyu-ri made an ambiguous post on her SNS, drawing keen attention.

Park Gyu-ri

On January 12th, KARA Park Gyu-ri posted six letters with an ambiguous meaning on her Instagram story. What she wrote was “loss of humanity”.

Some people speculate that she might have written this after knowing about the recent issue related to her ex-boyfriend Song Ja-ho. However, this is just speculation, and there is a possibility that it was written as she wanted to express an opinion on social issues or her personal matter.

Park Gyu-ri
Park Gyu-ri

Meanwhile, Song Ja-ho, known as Park Gyu-ri’s ex-boyfriend, held a press conference on January 10th and announced his candidacy for the by-election of the National Assembly in Seocho, Seoul. In addition, he also revealed at the meeting that he was actually born in 2000, not in 1995.

Song Ja-ho said, “I was 20 years old when I founded my company”, adding, “Age culture still exists in Korea to this day due to the Confucian ideas since a long time ago. At that time, there were many restrictions for being young. You may be surprised because my real age is somewhat different from the one already known by the public.”

Song Ja-ho is the co-chairman of PICA Project and the 3rd generation of Dongwon Construction Co. In previous interviews with the media, he introduced that he was born in 1995.

Park Gyu-ri, who dated Song Ja-ho for two years started in 2019, was born in 1988. They were known as a couple with a 7 year age gap since Song Ja-ho was thought to be born in 1995. As he is now revealed to be born in 2000, their age gap is actually 12 years. The two broke up in February last year.


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