12 facts you didn’t know about “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” star Park Eun Bin (pt.1): from most opposite role to first experience as a celebrity

With over 2 decades of experience in the entertainment industry, there are a lot of fun but little known facts about actress Park Eun Bin.

As Park Eun Bin draws attention for her irreplaceable performance as the female lead Woo Young Woo of “Extraordinary Attorney Woo”, let’s find out interesting facts about the actress, from why she can’t forget her line in her debut work to her surprising past appearances. 

1. Having debuted in the children’s clothing catalog “Pippy-Pippi” at the age of 5, Park Eun Bin has worked in the entertainment industry for over 2 decades, having challenged various movies and dramas, and surprising took no hiatus.

2. Park Eun Bin still can’t forget the first line of her acting debut. In particular, her character was eating rolled eggs, so her line was the simple word: “Egg”.

3. In April 2002, Park Eun Bin became a regular cast member in the gag concert “Talking Man”. She was so well-received at the time for her role as the girl who calls the talker, that she appeared on a regular basis for three months.

4. Park Eun Bin first became famous after a baseball match in 2005, when she appeared in an advertisement for Samsung Life, which aired during a professional baseball broadcast. According to the actress, 250,000 people visited her fan club at the time.

5. In 2011, Park Eun Bin appeared in the famous K-drama “Dream High”, playing Suzy’s younger sister despite being 2 years older than Suzy in real life. The student who kissed Ok Taecyeon on the cheek in this series was none other than Park Eun Bin.

6. Park Eun Bin’s character Song Ji Won in the famous drama “Age of Youth” is said to be 180 degrees different from the actress’ real life personality. However, thanks to her excellent acting skills, Song Ji Won is considered one of Park Eun Bin’s best roles across her career. 

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