’10-year couple’ Jung Kyung-ho and Soo-young sweetly take care of each other’s family

Actor Jung Kyung-ho had a good time with Sooyoung.

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On the weekend, Jung Kyung-ho released a cute picture taken with his dog, saying “Aebongbongbongbong”

In the photo, Jung Kyung-ho is seen walking to the park with Aebong, Sooyoung‘s dog, whom he has been dating for 10 years. Jung Kyung-ho wears a red hoodie over his workout pants and draws attention for his laid-back look.

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Above all, he takes care of the dog, which is like the family of his lover Choi Soo-young, and the photos taken with the dog is so lovely.

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On the other hand, Jung Kyung-ho and Sooyoung have been dating publicly for 10 years and have been dating. Jung Kyung-ho is raising his dog Ho-young, which is named after his own name and his girlfriend Soo-young’s name, and Soo-young is carrying her Aebong.

Source: Daum

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