10 20-year-old Korean stars who are likely to receive a lot of gifts today, Coming-of-Age Day

2003-born idols and actors officially become adults today. 

Korea’s Coming-of-Age Day is an annual anniversary designated for the purpose of celebrating those who turn 19 in international age (20 in Korean age) and reminding them of their responsibilities as adults. The celebration takes place on the third Monday in May every year.

Since May 16th is this year’s Coming-of-Age Day in Korea, attention is being paid to celebrities born in 2003 who are debuting into their adulthood today. 

ITZY’s Yuna, Ex-IZ*ONE and IVE’s Ahn Yujin, fromis_9’s Baek Jiheon, Cherry Bullet’s Linlin, Dream Note’s Hanbyul, Rocket Punch Kim Sohee are 2003-born female idols who get to receive roses on this year’s Coming-of-Age Day. 

Park Jihoo, who established herself as a trending actress through the movie “House of Hummingbird” and Netflix’s original series “All of Us Are Dead“, was also born in 2003 and is the main character of this year’s coming-of-age celebration. She plans to continue her trending moves even after becoming an adult by appearing in tvN’s new drama “Little Women”.

Actor Tang Joonsang, who is familiar with small screen viewers through dramas such as “Racket Boys”, “Move to Heaven” and “Crash Landing on You“, also became an adult.

Tang Joonsang

Yang Han-yeol, who appeared as a child actor in the popular MBC drama “The Greatest Love” (2011) as well as appeared in “All of Us Are Dead”, also celebrated Coming-of-Age Day.


Actor Wang Sukhyun, who received a lot of love for his role in the 2008 film “Scandal Makers”, also became an adult. People are looking forward to what kind of activities Wang Sukhyun, who appeared on many variety shows earlier this year, will do after he reaches adulthood.”

Besides, actor Yoo Jaesang, VERIVERY Kangmin, Newkidd’s Kang Seungchan, 1THE9’s Park Sungwon and Jeong Taekhyeon were also born in 2003 and are the main characters of the 2022 Coming-of-Age Day.

Source: Wikitree

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