Yoo In-na Continues Her Good Deeds with Talent Donation Following Cochlear Implant Surgery Support

Actress Yoo In-na is spreading positive influence through her consistent charitable contributions.

According to her agency, YG Entertainment, Yoo In-na participated in the “Can You Say It Again?” event on June 22nd, organized by the social welfare organization Love Snail to celebrate their 2,500 cochlear implant cases. She contributed by reading the winning entry of a writing contest, sharing her talent for a good cause.

At the event, Yoo In-na captivated the full house with her calm yet warm voice and excellent delivery, perfectly reading the lengthy story and filling the venue with emotion.

yoo in na

This isn’t the first time Yoo In-na has shown her heartfelt support for the hearing impaired. Previously, she donated a total of 230 million won to fund cochlear implant surgeries, earning her a place as the 5th member of the “Soul Leader” high-donation network of Love Snail. Thanks to her contributions, 25 children with hearing impairments have received surgeries and device support, and many more are expected to benefit in the future.

Regarding her involvement as a “Soul Leader” and her future plans, Yoo In-na stated, “I happened to learn about cochlear implant surgeries and thought how wonderful it would be if even one more person could receive this surgery. That’s why I decided to contribute, even if just a little. I will continue to do my best to practice consistent sharing.”

yoo in na

Yoo In-na has also been a role model through other charitable activities, including audiobook contributions for the “Together Fund,” donating photo shoot proceeds for African children, supporting meal programs for underprivileged children through the Salvation Army, and providing aid for areas affected by heavy rain, flood victims, and earthquake relief efforts.

Meanwhile, Yoo In-na continues to be an “all-rounder,” actively working in dramas, movies, variety shows, cultural programs, and radio. She is currently hosting various programs such as Channel A’s “The Secret of the Salesmen” and SBS’s “Love That Possesses.”

Source: daum

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