Without makeup and not even shaving, Yoo Ah In’s “chill” current whereabouts draw attention 

Yoo Ah In revealed his daily life looks. 

On July 19th, Yoo Ah In shared new photos on his Instagram with the caption, “I’m just going round looking like this these days. Is this freedom?”

In the first photo uploaded, Yoo Ah In is wearing a hat and glasses. He confidently boasts an all-natural look without makeup or even shaving. The next photos show his perfect-looking virtual self. The contrasting atmosphere from his easy-going daily life appearance drew attention.

Netizens showed reactions to Yoo Ah In’s bare-faced photo with comments such as, “He looks a little monk-like and I like it”, “The beard suits him well”, “This is Yoo Ah In”.

Meanwhile, Yoo Ah In will return in Netflix’s upcoming film ‘Seoul Grand Operation’, which is scheduled to release on August 26th. ‘Seoul Grand Operation’ is a car-chasing action crime film that is set in 1988 when the Supreme Team in Sanggye-dong, with an American dream, receives an offer they can’t refuse and is put into a VIP slush fund investigation operation.

Source: wikitree

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