Yoo Ah In uploaded a photo of his current situation: shaved head + exposed upper body

Actor Yoo Ah-in has revealed his recent status.

Yoo Ah In uploaded on Instagram on June 28th with the caption, “Taein. My New Soul”. The picture was taken indoor with a opened window. Yoo Ah-in with a shaved head shows off his upper half of the body which has become impressively much stronger. The male actor raises his head slightly while looking at the camera and poses with overflowing charisma.

Netizens are responding, mostly in shock.

  • “I almost couldn’t recognize him.”
  • ” This is not normal. Doesn’t he feel like someone who is supposed to be possessed but avoided it?”
  • “When did he become this big? He wasn’t like this when he appeared next to Mr. Kim Yong Ok.”
  • “Chanhyuk of Akdong Musician is much cooler~!!”
  • “With this body, he will soon have to face the threat of heart diseases and things like that.”

Sources: nate

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