YG “We’re waiting for sightings of those who know this male celebrity’s whereabouts”

AKMU Lee Chan-hyuk is drawing attention with his unique promotional strategy ahead of the release of his first full-length solo album [ERROR].

On Oct 12th, YG Entertainment (hereinafter referred to as YG) posted the “sighting” MOVING POSTER on their official SNS. It is an image of Lee Chan-hyuk, who seems to be fleeing towards somewhere, with the phrases “We’re looking for Lee Chan-hyuk” and “We’re waiting for sightings”.

If you call the number written at the bottom, a part of the first track “Eyewitness account” in Lee Chan-hyuk’s new album will be played. Following the intense sound and dreamy tone, the call ends with a voice message saying, “We’ll wait until 18:00 on Oct 17th for sightings of those who know his whereabouts.

This is a part that gives a glimpse of Lee Chan-hyuk’s creative imagination, stimulating curiosity about the message contained in this album. Recently, Lee Chan-hyuk made surprise appearances on Yeouido and Gwanghwamun streets as well as in the auditorium of “National Singing Contest”, creating various “sightings”.

In this regard, YG said, “As ‘Eyewitness account’ is the song that opens the beginning of this album, we prepared special content for music fans to immerse themselves in the world of music called [ERROR]. In addition, many of Lee Chan-hyuk’s brilliant ideas were prepared, so we hope you enjoy them together.”

Lee Chan-hyuk’s first full-length album [ERROR] will be released at 6 PM on Oct 17th, and the physical version will be released on Oct 18th. It consists of a total of 11 tracks, including the title song “Panorama”, “Eyewitness account”, “Siren”, “Time! Stop!”, “If I can’t go see you right now”, “Goodbye, stay well (Feat. Chungha)”, “What the”, “Missed call”, “Castle in my dream”, “A DAY” and “Funeral hope”.

Source: wikitree

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