World-apart age in K-pop : LE SSERAFIM was surprisingly not a competition against SM female idol group

Netizens were in awe to learn the age differences between the eldest and youngest members of the following idol groups. 

It usually follows that members of the same K-pop group will fall into the same age group. However, many groups have a surprisingly huge age gap that can stretch across… a generation. Just by looking at their appearances, it will definitely come as a shock for netizens to know the real age and the gap between members of the following groups. 

Black Swan

Black Swan is among the few Kpop groups with a black member. They debuted in 2020 with Youngheun being the oldest member born on 20th November 1994 (27 years old) while Sriya being the youngest, born on September 15, 2003. Their age gap is 6 years and 6 months, not being the farthest but definitely not a narrow gap. 


It may be natural to expect NCT to come up in this list, as SM has countless ideas in store for them. NCT’s big brother Taeil was born on 14th June 1994 (28 years old) while their youngest is Jisung, born on 5th February 2002 (20 years old). This age gap may stretch even further as NCT always adds new members to the group. 

Red Velvet 

No one could guess purely by appearance that the age gap between Irene and Yeri is that huge. Born on 29th March 1991, Irene is now 31 while Yeri is just 23, born on 5th March 1999, meaning they are 7 years and 11 months apart. Thanks to her timeless visual, people can barely make of Irene as a woman in her thirties! 


The cause for the age gap in LE SSERAFIM stems from the youngest member who is only 15. Whereas the eldest in the group is the 24-year-old Sakura, born on 19th March 1998, the youngest Eunchae was born on 10th November 2006.

With that, they are 8 years and 8 months apart. 24 might be a young age in many groups. Yet, with LE SSERAFIM, it puts Sakura up for the eldest sister role. 


NewKidd is a 7-member male idol group under J-FLO Entertainment. Eldest member Hansol was born on 21st November 1994 who is now 27 years old while their youngest Seungchan is only 18 years old, born on 8th August 2003. Their age gap is 8 years 9 months. 

Cherry Bullet 

Cherry Bullet is a multinational female idol group formed by FNC Entertainment. 26-year-old Haeyoon is their oldest member who was born on 10th January 1996 while the 17-year-old Japanese idol May was born on 16th November 2004. Their age gap stretches up to 8 years and 10 months. 


Similar to the age gap existing in Cherry Bullet, GWSN comes as no surprise. Miya is a 29-year-old idol born on 26th May 1993 and Lena is the youngest at 20 years old born on 17th April 2002. 


Debuted in early 2022, Kep1er is the talk of the town. Being a 96 liner among the 00s liner, Yujin, born on 12th August 1996, is, without question, the eldest in Kep1er. Yujin is 9 years older than the youngest member Yeseo who was born on 22nd August 2005. 


UNB is a group formed through KBS’s reality show “The Unit”. Surprisingly enough, the oldest of the group Euijin, born on 15th February 1990 is now 32 years old. The youngest member Kijoong, on the contrary, is now 21 years old, born on 24th January 2001. Their gap stretches up to 10 years and 11 months, which is practically a whole generation apart!

Pink Fantasy

Similar to the situation in UNB, Aini is a 31-year-old idol born on 13th June 1991. She is 13 years and 7 months older than the youngest member, Heesun who was born on 25th January 2005, now is just 17 years old. 

GOT the beat 

With all the other mentions in mind, GOT the beat is the biggest surprise. This 7-member female idol group includes members from 4 different generations, all of which are SM superstars. They are BoA, Taeyeon, SNSD’s Hyoyeon, Red Velvet’s Wendy and Seulgi and aespa’s Karina and Winter. 

The gap between BoA and Winter stretches up to 15 years. BoA was born on 5th November 1986, currently 35 years old while Winter was born on 1st January 2001, reaching 21 this year. When BoA debuted in the 2000, Winter hadn’t even been born yet.  

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