WJSN Bona, who rose to stardom after “Twenty-five, Twenty-one”, gets cast for the female lead role in new drama “Joseon Lawyer”

Bona (Kim Ji-yeon), actress and a member of the girl group WJSN, will play her first main character role in the new work “Joseon Lawyer”.

According to News1 on May 10th, Bona will take on the role of Lee Yeon-joo, a main character in the new drama “Joseon Lawyer” (scripted by Choi Jin-young, Jung Ho-rak/ directed by Kim Seung-ho). Based on the webtoon of the same name, “Joseon Lawyer” tells a refreshing and warm story about Kang Han-soo, a lawyer who makes planned lawsuits and takes advantage of the innocent hearts of his victims, growing into a real justice lawyer as he unexpectedly gets praised as a troubleshooter, a savior, and a hero by people. 

This drama contains the process of people, who are illiterate and don’t know anything about laws, together with the protagonists completing the law that helps them restrict and bring down evils who abuse them. 


This is a historical drama that includes the romance, revenge, and justice hero genres. There have been many historical dramas set in the Joseon Dynasty, but the legal material in the story of “Joseon Lawyer” is expected to make it a fresh work.

Bona will play Lee Yeon-joo. Lee Yeon-joo is Kang Han-soo’s client, who is thought to have an unfair story like other people but actually holds lots of secrets. Hiding her inner feelings, she meets Kang Han-soo who can help her take revenge but gets confused by her emotions that keep getting complicated. Actor Woo Do-hwan plays Kang Han-soo. Many viewers are looking forward to seeing the two’s chemistry. 

Bona made her debut in the entertainment industry as a member of the girl group WJSN in 2016 and has been active as an idol. She started acting through her debut drama “Hit the Top” in 2017 and then performed enthusiastically in various famous works, such as “Girls’ Generation 1979”, “Radio Romance”, etc.

In the drama “Twenty-five, Twenty-one”, which ended in April, Bona played the role of Ko Yu-rim, who was at first a rival to Na Hee-do but later became best friends with her. This idol-turned-actress received favorable reviews for her delicate acting in portraying various aspects of her character, including the risky side of a teenage girl in a competitive world and the fresh excitement of first love, etc. Right after the success of “Twenty-five, Twenty-one”, Bona continues to work hard by choosing “Joseon Lawyer” as her next work.



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