Will Lee Na-eun, who contacted Song Kang’s agency, return as an actress?

There is a possibility that former April member Lee Na-eun will return as an actress.

Kim Jong-do, CEO of Namoo Actors, the agency where famous actors such as Lee Joon-gi, Song Kang and Koo Kyo-hwan belong, recently drew attention by following Lee Na-eun‘s Instagram account.

In fact, it was known in April that Lee Na-eun contacted Namoo Actors to become an actress.

lee na eun

At the time, Namoo Actors acknowledged that it was true that they had a meeting with Lee Na-eun, but added that nothing has been decided regarding the exclusive contract.


However, netizens claim that if Kim Jong-do did not recruit Lee Na-eun, there is no reason to follow her SNS. This is because if negotiations regarding the exclusive contract between CEO Kim Jong-do and Lee Na-eun were not carried out properly, their relationship is bound to be uncomfortable.

In fact, netizens expressed interest, saying that Lee Na-eun’s return seems imminent.

Meanwhile, Lee Na-eun made her debut under April in 2015.

In addition to her singing career, she has been an actress as she appeared in the web drama “A-Teen” and MBC’s drama “Extraordinary You”.

However, in February last year, Lee Na-eun was at the center of the bullying controversy related to former April member Lee Hyun-joo. After that, April officially announced their disbandment, and the members went their separate ways.

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