Why do Chinese idols return to China after debuting and becoming popular in Korea?

WJSN Cheng Xiao, Pristin Joo Kyulkyung and more are no longer seen in Korea. There are many problems such as unfair contracts, but the income from solo activities cannot be ignored.

Joo Kyulkyung recently posted photos revealing her current status on her SNS. In the photos, Joo Kyulkyung was wearing a gorgeous black outfit with a bright expression on her face. Joo Kyulkyung showed her face after a long time. This is why attention is focused on her appearance in the absence of domestic activities.

Celebrities debuting in Korea but working in China is not just a recent occurrence. The first was Super Junior Hankyung. He made his debut in 2005 and suddenly prepared a lawsuit against his agency SM in 2009. The cause was SM’s activity constraint and unfair distribution of profits. Hankyung left the team and is continuing his activities in China.

The situation is no different for members of popular boy group EXO. Chinese members Kris, Tao, Luhan and Lay are the main characters. Some of them also filed lawsuits against their agency SM in 2014 to invalidate their exclusive contracts. The reason was not different from Hankyung.

F(x)’s Victoria and WJSN’s Cheng Xiao also moved their activities to China. Their choice is the right one so far. The starry star gained in Korea is in full bloom in China. In fact, their popularity is known to have jumped dozens of times in China.

In particular, Victoria has appeared in 7 dramas since 2015, including ‘Beautiful Secret’, ‘War of the Gods’, ‘Thousand Years of Love’, and ‘Sister’s First Love’, etc Victoria also became a popular star enough to act as a promotional model for various luxury goods.

Regardless of the reason, idols who have built up their skills with Korea’s “training system” are recognized in China.  To make a debut in Korea, you will learn not only vocals but also dance, acting, and playing musical instruments. In China, Korean idols are considered to be talented. If one idol gained recognition through his activities in Korea, it would be icing on the cake. The name tag of a famous Korean idol is enough to attract attention in the Chinese market.

Revenue from China is estimated to be eight times higher than domestic activity. This is also the reason why so many Chinese celebrities show behaviors that are inconsistent with Korean fans. A typical example is the support for Anti-American Aid (a phrase claiming to be the reason for China’s participation in the Korean War. Defending North Korea against the United States).

Chasing after money in a capitalist society is natural. However, it is true that the hearts of the fans who created their first recognition in Korea are hurt. Opportunistic behavior is not always right. It is no coincidence that Chinese members, who used to play an indispensable role in rookie idol groups, are disappearing.

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