What is the difference between Jisoo’s visual when she is an idol and when she is an actress?

Jisoo’s appearance in each role looks very different.

Although Snowdrop has not been officially released yet, the reputation of the male and female leads is enough to make the film a craze.  The perfect visual duo: Jung Hae InJisoo recently appeared on Harper’s Bazaar to promote the drama. 

Jisoo’s appearance as an actor really looks completely different from her role as a Kpop idol. She appears mature and gentle with straight black hair and light makeup.

The BLACKPINK’s member, who debuted with a new role, exuded a completely different vibe.  Dressed in a neutral gray office outfit, Jisoo appeared with a very luxurious and modern look.

Another time Jisoo appeared on Harper’s Bazaar but as a Kpop idol. She was more fashionable and attractive at the time. She took great care with her hairdo and makeup. The makeup looks with bright tones like red, pink, and slightly curved brows helped highlight Jisoo’s soft, and feminine facial features.


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