Wearing increasingly beautiful outfits, Twice is praised for her ‘rich lady’ vibe

Recently, the retro-style outfits make Twice look like classy ladies.

Once being criticized for their outfits, Twice surprised audiences with their recent style. No longer wearing cheesy, outdated clothes, the girls’ outfits become more beautiful and trendy. 

The style that the JYP girl group has been pursuing is vintage outfits with retro inspiration. The whole group is dressed in the same colors, however, each member wears a different outfit to match their styles and physiques. 

The typical styles of the 80s and 90s such as mezzanine blazers, high waisted skirts, checkered motifs … are favored by Twice and successfully applied in their costumes. 

The members are still wearing their signature schoolgirl outfit. However, the outfits are no longer boring with the same color, but become impressive and trendy, helping them show off their feminine and sweet beauty. Hot tones like red, blue, yellow, pink … are often used delicately by the whole group. 

If the stylist was previously criticized by fans, now, the sudden change in style helps Twice receive many compliments from fans and netizens. Luxurious tweed outfits also enhance Twice’s visual.

Thanks to this change, the girls look like rich ladies. Sana and Na Yeon’s outfits are especially impressive because they show off the luxurious aura of the two girls.

Souces: ione

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