V (BTS)’s footprints appear at the Busan Citizens’ Park where he took a photo

BTS showed off their power once again. Busan Citizens’ Authority posted a photo on Facebook on the 18th.

In the post, they said: “BTS has come to Busan Citizens’ Park. Here’s the route where V has taken a walk. ARMYs, this is that road.

Please take a look at the map below. Let’s walk together, on the road where V has walked“. They have also revealed the location where V has taken a photo.

V had posted this photo of his walk at the park on Twitter earlier. Before the fanmeeting, he seemed to have enjoyed himself peacefully.

He added a caption for the photo saying, “Busan is so nice“. Fans were so proud and even called that route the “V Road”.

After that, an official photo zone has appeared there as footprints on the road. It has become a tourist attraction for fans.

To look for this photo zone, You can go to Gate 3 to the north of the park. It’s on the way to the South Gate across the Jeonpocheon Stream.

Source: Dispatch

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