Unnecessary K-drama characters that can be excluded from the story without making much change

Due to either poor writing or little screen time, these K-drama characters fail to leave an impact and make viewers wonder what their roles are. 

Baek Joon Ki – Penthouse

Baek Joon Ki (On Joo Wan) is known as the real Ju Dan Tae in The Penthouse: War In Life. He is the Penthouse character whose appearance is deemed the most questionable. The plot aroused viewers’ curiosity about Baek Joon Ki, making him seem to be mysterious and important. Baek Joon Ki was expected to be the key character who would expose the true colors of the main villain Ju Dan Tae (Uhm Ki Joon). However, Baek Joon Ki ended up being a disappointing character as he constantly changed his stance and in the finale, his ending was left unclear.

The gangsters and highschoolers – Strong Woman Do Bong Soon

The subplot surrounding the gangsters and highschool students in Strong Woman Do Bong Soon received many complaints from the viewers for how unnecessary it is. They are supposed to be comic relief side characters that bring laughter to the audience. But toward the end of the drama, their scenes were getting more ridiculously unrealistic and draggy, causing viewers to feel annoyed that these characters were taking up the screen time. 

Archery team – All Of Us Are Dead

All Of Us Are Dead has a lot of characters, so it’s inevitable that many characters are not deeply exploited. According to the webtoon, the archery team is the main character line. However, when in the TV version, the role of these characters has decreased. So many people feel confused about the purpose of the appearance of these characters, especially when the archery boy strayed from the group but no one realized

Middle-aged Na Hee Do – Twenty Five, Twenty One

In Twenty Five, Twenty One, the character that draws mixed responses is the middle-aged version of Na Hee Do (Kim So Hyun). Furthermore, because Kim So Hyun was unable to represent the characteristics of Na Hee Do in her youth, this character annoyed many viewers. This character has a lot of screen time, yet she doesn’t contribute much to the film circuit. Not to mention that Na Hee Do’s statements in the middle-aged version may make viewers feel down.

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