TWICE’s Nayeon “Everyone at JYP Knew About BamBam’s Crush on Me + I Felt His Sincerity”

TWICE's Nayeon recalled BamBam's crush on her

On June 14th, a new video titled “Is it a crime to have a crush on Nayeon?! The guilty human who makes everyone fall for her, Nayeon” was uploaded to the YouTube channel “Bam House”.

In the video, Nayeon mentioned that BamBam had a crush on her and shared that he contacted her about it. She said, “Bam contacted me then. That he was sorry. He told me, ‘I’m sorry for mentioning you
without your approval.’

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Previously, BamBam revealed during TWICE’s Jihyo’s episode that “I had a crush on Nayeon”, which surprised Jihyo. Jihyo responded “You really don’t filter… You don’t hide anything! You’re cool, BamBam”, drawing attention.

Regarding this, Nayeon explained, “If you like someone at school or somewhere, you usually like them secretly, right? But that wasn’t the feeling with me. That Bam liked me was kind of a funny thing for everyone. Everyone knew about it. When I went into the vocal room, everyone nudged you. Those actions were kind of like our entertainment back then.”

BamBam confessed, “Honestly, I was really young back then. Some people criticize me. But then a few fans showed my picture to the people who criticized me. Pictures of me at the time. And they said, ‘He was this kid! Couldn’t a little kid just like someone?’ So the critics realized ‘Oh, he was a real baby!’ and stopped criticizing me.

Nayeon recalled the rumors of crushes within JYP, saying, “Liking or dating someone was forbidden for trainees. But yours was totally public. Even all the company employees knew!” BamBam looked puzzled, reacting to the fact that everyone knew.

twice nayeon-bambam

BamBam shared, “I didn’t know. It might’ve been because I couldn’t speak Korean back then. Since I was so young, people probably just said, ‘Aww, how cute.’ But I’m sure I told someone very seriously, ‘I think… I like Nayeon.’ I’m sure I said this to the foreigners at the dorms. It had to be Jackson or Mark. Or it could be Dong-geun (BTOB’s Peniel). But he thought I was adorable
and just told everyone. I didn’t know though.”

BamBam said “But I… actually liked Nayeon quite a bit at the time!”, to which Nayeon responded, “I thought you were just trying to be funny. But something happened that made me wonder, ‘Is he serious?’ You might not remember. When you like someone as a kid, you don’t really like them. You enjoy the feeling of liking someone. Everyone kind of thought that was it.

Nayeon continued, “But on our way home from our practice room… If you come out to the alley from the practice room to the crosswalk… I think Young K was with us then, too. I left my shoes in the practice room. So I said, ‘Oh, I left my shoes behind!’ As soon as I finished saying that, you bolted off! To the building! He ran off without giving me a chance to stop him. I was going to say it was okay, but he ran so fast. When I saw him run like that and bring back my shoes, I wondered, ‘Is Bam serious?’

When asked why he liked Nayeon, BamBam replied, “You always came in your uniform after school. And you had super full bangs. A lot! We became close in a short time somehow. And I remember her adoring me, too. You know what I mean? As a baby, when someone adores you, and she’s pretty at that,
you become attracted. I thought you didn’t know back then. I thought only the guys knew. Why didn’t anyone stop me?

BamBam added, “I didn’t want it to come true. I didn’t think it would come true anyway. It was just youth! And I was really happy just liking you by myself.

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