TWICE’s Jeongyeon to Become “Appraiser” for Donations of Star’s Favorite Items?

Jeongyeon, a member of girl group TWICE, will be taking up a completely new role in a new web variety show.

Studio Sigma, a subsidiary of the new media comprehensive content company “The SMC Group (CEO Kim Yong-tae),” will pre-release the highlight video of the web variety show “Appraiser” on its YouTube channel at 2 PM on the 6th.

On July 6, the new web variety show “Appraiser”, which follows the process of collecting cherished items that reflect the tastes of stars by visiting their private spaces, leading to an offline donation event, will be officially released. 


Here, Jeongyeon, a member of the idol group TWICE, will participate as the main MC for the first time in a web variety show.

The pre-released highlight video will feature Jeongyeon transformed into a professional appraiser, showcasing her hidden hosting skills and quirky side, raising anticipation. Additionally, as the MC, she will reveal “Jeongyeon House,” marking a cheerful beginning.

Planned to be a 20-episode series, “Appraiser” will be uploaded every Saturday, revealing the private spaces of stars that have never been seen before.

Source: Daum

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