Top best-selling albums among new generation girl groups: Who has 16 over 18 albums on the chart?

Occupying 16 positions on the total of 18 best-selling albums, this girl group is undeniably the top selling queens at the moment!

Among the girl groups nowadays, TWICE has always been considered to be the top girl group in album sales. Whenever their albums are released, TWICE sells hundreds of thousands of copies, even more than that of some other male groups.

TWICE was called “the only male group which won’t enlist” thanks to their amazing album sales!

Gaon has just released a year-end chart with many categories including album sales for new generation girl groups. Not surprisingly, TWICE dominated this chart with 16 over 18 albums.

The first flace belongs to the album – “TWICEcoaster: LANE 1” which owns the super hit “TT” from TWICE with 427,854 copies – a number that many boy bands are dreaming of!

"TWICEcoaster: LANE 1" with “TT” as the title track achieved the sales of 427,854 copies
“TWICEcoaster: LANE 1” with “TT” as the title track achieved the sales of 427,854 copies

Not only that, the next 12 leading positions are still TWICE albums, even including 3 singles and 2 Japanese albums.

The best-selling Japanese albums have proved TWICE's great popularity in Japan
The best-selling Japanese albums have proved TWICE’s great popularity in Japan
TWICE’s Korean albums also lined up to dominate the chart

Notably, the latest album from TWICE – “The Year of YES” ranks 17th on the chart. Although they did not do many promotion activities and only released it for 1 month, 196,034 copies of the album were sold!

"The Year of YES" was TWICE’s 4th Korean album released in 2018, but the sales is amazing!
“The Year of YES” was TWICE’s 4th Korean album released in 2018, but the sales is amazing!

The only two other girl groups on the chart were Black Pink and IZONE. “SQUARE UP” and “COLORIZ” are their debut albums, but the sales are amazing, surpassing the sales of many other seniors such as Red Velvet, GFriend, MAMAMOO, …

Black Pink - SQUARE UP
Black Pink – SQUARE UP

Top 18 best-selling albums of new generation girl groups:

  1. TWICE – TWICEcoaster: LANE 1: 427.854 copies
  2. TWICE – Wake Me Up: 355,560 copies
  3. TWICE – twicetagram: 352,047 copies
  4. TWICE – What Is Love ?: 348,797 edition
  5. TWICE – Candy Pop: 341.170 copies
  6. TWICE – SIGNAL: 331,622 copies
  7. TWICE – BDZ: 326,847 copies
  8. TWICE – YES or YES: 325,761 copies
  9. TWICE – TWICEcoaster: LANE 2: 315.118 copies
  10. TWICE – Summer Nights: 314.421 copies
  11. TWICE – #TWICE: 307,479 copies
  12. TWICE – One More Time: 264.109 copies
  13. TWICE – Page Two: 263,553 copies
  14. BLACKPINK – SQUARE UP: 230.656 copies
  15. TWICE – Merry & Happy: 221,681 copies
  16. IZ * ONE – COLOR * IZ: 207,728 copies
  17. TWICE – The Year of YES: 196,034 copies
  18. TWICE – The Story Begins: 164,573 copies

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