Top 3 female “dancing machines” picked by a professional: instead of Lisa (BLACKPINK), a rookie is chosen!

According to this professional, it’s hard to decide who is the best among these 3 “dancing machines”.

In K-Pop, many female idols possess such skilled moves that they are called the “dancing machines”. Recently, In Jinwoong – a professional dance trainer for idol has chosen the best 3 dancers among female idols who are still active. His choices are based on his view of a professional and are agreed by most of the viewers.

1. Momo (TWICE)

Momo is the first choice of the professional idol trainer In Jiwoong among all the female idols. According to him, the main dancer of TWICE has perfect control of her body movement. Momo knows how to accentuate a specific move by tuning the amount of energy she puts into the choreography. This trainer called her the queen of the art of “push and pull” or the X factor of choreography performances.

TWICE – “FANCY” (Momo Dance Video)

2. Chungha

While she was still promoting as a member of I.O.I, Chungha was in charge of the main dancer position which is enough to prove her dance skill. According to the professional, Chungha’s biggest “asset” is her moves’ weight. In other words, the female idol’s moves are somehow slower and more soulful than the dancers. Along with how she portrays the song through her facial expression, these create a color that only Chungha has.

Chungha – “Snapping” (Dance practice)

3. Chaeyeon (IZ*ONE)

The final one in the top 3 “dancing machines” among female idol is no one else but Chaeyeon. Even though she debuted only less than a year ago, but this trainer sees her as someone who is talented and has the most promising potentials. In Jiwoong said this IZ*ONE member is the total opposite of Chungha. She is slim but her posture is strong with long arms and legs. These are Chaeyeon’s advantages which help her to portray moves that seem light but full of energy.

Chaeyeon (IZ*ONE)’s dance compilation

Trainer In Jiwoong also expressed that during the process of choosing the top 3 best dancers among female idols, he realized that K-Pop has grown so much compared to the previous generations. Before, he would be able to point out who is the best dancer, but Momo, Chungha, and Chaeyeon have made him hesitated and realized that the current K-Pop world is full of talented idols.

Lots of comments show that they agree with this top 3 best dancers among female idols picked by the idol trainer In Jiwoong. However, many are surprised that his list doesn’t have Lisa (BLACKPINK) even though she is highly recommended by many choreographers.

Lisa (BLACKPINK) is famous for her dance skill but doesn’t appear in this top 3
Top 3 female “dancing machines” picked by a professional

Source: Kenh14

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