Top 15 most popular K-pop groups in Thailand as voted by fans: 1st place does not belong to BLACKPINK? 

In Thailand, Lisa’s home country, BLACKPINK surprisingly does not rank 1st in terms of popularity based on the result of this poll.

Thailand is not the home country of many idols who debuted in Korea, but the majority of Thai idols are among the most outstanding members of K-pop groups. BLACKPINK, GOT7, WayV… are the most well-known groups with members coming from Thailand. Let’s take a look to see if they are the most popular groups in Thailand according to the results of a recent poll held by Idol Champ.

1. GOT7

Having BamBam with a huge fan base in Thailand, it is not surprising that GOT7 is the #1 K-pop group in this country with an overwhelming number of votes, accounting for 47.02% of the total votes. Currently, GOT7 has left JYP and the members are promoting as solo artists. 

GOT7 is the most popular K-pop group in Thailand according to Idol Champ 
GOT7's departure from JYP
In 2021, GOT7 left JYP

2. NCT 127

Although none of the members are Thai, NCT 127 still manages to rank 2nd place with 28.88% of the total votes. The fanbase of the SM boy group from SM is increasingly expanding, as evidenced by their impressive physical sales in 2021.

“Million-seller” NCT 127 is selected as the 2nd most popular group in Thailand

3. Stray Kids

Stray Kids receives 7.64% of the votes and ranks 3rd. Stray Kids stands out among K-pop groups for their distinctive musicality and mesmerizing performances.

stray kids
Stray Kids

4. WayV

4th place belongs to another boy group from SM. In WayV, the only Thai member, Ten is considered the “ace” thanks to his outstanding talent and charm. Ten is probably the biggest reason why WayV got 4.63% of votes when it comes to popularity in Thailand. 

Ten – WayV’s “ace” – comes from Thailand


BLACKPINK is a globally famous group, but in Thailand, the YG girl group only ranks 5th with 2.48% of the total votes. Lisa is unarguably popular in her home country, but it seems that in terms of popularity as the whole group, BLACKPINK is still outranked by boy groups.

BLACKPINK surprisingly only ranks 5th 


NU’EST ranks 6th with 1.78% of the votes. As the only 2nd generation group who makes it into the top, NU’EST’s popularity is admirable.

NU’EST ranks 6th with 1.78% of the votes


BLACKPINK junior boy group – TREASURE – although they have only debuted for over a year, they have soon earned a stable fan base. TREASURE’s votes account for 1.61%.

YG’s rookie boy group has an impressive popularity in Thailand after just over a year of debut

8. AB6IX

AB6IX – 1.43%

 9. TXT

 9. TXT
TXT – 1.23%

10. The Boyz

10. The Boyz
The Boyz – 0.96%


TWICE – 0.62%

12. Red Velvet

 Red Velvet
Red Velvet – 0.47%

13. aespa

 13. aespa
aespa – 0.44%

14. CIX

14. CIX
CIX – 0.44%

15. SF9

 SF9 – 0.3%

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