Top 10 best Korean male actors in their 30s: An outstanding lineup even without Kim Seon Ho

Many viewers and even experts have expressed their regret for the industry as it will probably be difficult for Kim Seon Ho to return to the screen due to his scandal. However, is it a necessary concern? 

Recently, some entertainment professionals talked about how the Korean film and TV industry is lacking male actors in their 30s with good acting abilities. This concern has been escalated after Kim Seon Ho, a talented 35-year-old actor, gets embroiled in a scandal and has to withdraw from new productions for the time being. However, this opinion has also sparked controversy. According to many viewers, it is an overstatement to say that there is a shortage of talented Korean male stars in their 30s. Without Kim Seon Ho, the lineup of actors in their 30s still stand out thanks to these following names. 

Yoo Ah In

Both were born in 1986, while Kim Seon Ho is still a rising star, Yoo Ah In is already one of the most highly appreciated actors in Korean cinema. Yoo Ah In won “Best Actor” twice at the prestigious Blue Dragon Film Awards, first thanks to his role in “The Throne” even before he turned 30. Up to now, Yoo Ah In has won “Best Actor” at most major Korean awards namely Blue Dragon, Baeksang, Buil Film and Chunsa. Not only has he achieved much success in theatrical films, but the 35-year-old actor has also affirmed his impact on Korean dramas, by winning the “Leading Actor in TV” award at 2016 Baeksang with his performance in “Six Flying Dragons”. Among male actors born in the 1980s, Yoo Ah In is definitely worthy of being listed in the top because of his amazing talent and what he has achieved during years of working in the industry.

30s Korean actors

Song Joong Ki

After nearly 14 years since he entered the Korean entertainment industry, Song Joong Ki has proven that the success he is having comes from his great talent and effort through each role, not just because of his handsome look. Whenever Song Joong Ki is mentioned, most viewers will immediately think of hit dramas and movies such as “Sungkyunkwan Scandal”, “The Innocent Man”, “Descendants of the Sun”, “A Werewolf Boy” and most recently “Vincenzo”. Not only is he popular with the general public, the actor born in 1985 has also impressed professionals with his convincing on-screen performances that got him 2 nominations for “Leading Actor in TV” at Baeksang and winning the Grand Prize – Daesang twice in his career. Song Joong Ki is perhaps a perfect role model for the junior actors in the industry.

30s Korean actors

Lee Min Ho

Thanks to the hit drama “Boys Over Flowers” that came out more than 10 years ago, Lee Min Ho shot to fame and became a top Hallyu star. He has managed to maintain his popularity until now. His most prominent leading roles are in famous TV series such as “City Hunter”, “The Heirs”, “The Legend of the Blue Sea” and “The King”. Although Lee Min Ho’s acting still gets mixed reactions every now and then, the actor’s charm every time he appears on the screen is undeniable. Lee Min Ho is also one of the most outstanding Korean actors on social media.

lee min ho Louis Vuitton

Ji Chang Wook

Although his works have seen a decline in commercial performance in the past 3 years, Ji Chang Wook‘s acting skills have been acknowledged for a long time. Thanks to his talent and handsome appearance, it’s no surprise that Ji Chang Wook is considered by many viewers one of the most prominent Korean actors in their 30s. He has left an impression on the audiences with his roles in different genres from historical, romance to action. His performance in the action crime film “Fabricated City” also helped him receive a nomination for “Best New Actor” at the prestigious Baeksang Awards in 2017.

Ji Chang Wook

Lee Seung Gi

Lee Seung Gi is also regarded as a perfect artist because he has a gentle personality, an impressive voice, good acting skills, and is suitable for participating in variety shows. Lee Seung Gi is well-known in the film industry not only for his acting abilities, but also for his good script selection. “Brilliant Legacy”, “My Girlfriend Is a Gumiho”, “The King 2 Hearts”, “Vagabond”, and “Mouse” are among the series that have made Lee Seung Gi famous.

Lee Seung-gi thumbnail

Joo Won

Maybe not as popular as the names above, but Joo Won is an actor who is highly appreciated by the audience for his acting ability in the mid-30s.The two most impressive roles of this male star are the villain role in “King of Baking Kim Tak Gu” and the role of a genius doctor in “Good Doctor”. In addition, Joo Won’s performance in “Yong-Pal” (2015) is also worthy of mention because thanks to it, he won the Grand Prize – Daesang of the SBS Drama Awards at the age of 28. In the near future, Joo Won will star in the action blockbuster called “Carter” produced by Netflix.

30s Korean actors

Ryu Jun Yeol

Ryu Jun Yeol has made many significant strides in his film career in 2015-2016 with two works, “Sociophobia” and “Reply 1988”. This star born in 1986, although he does not have a handsome appearance, still captivates the audience thanks to his outstanding talent. In addition to the two films mentioned above, Ryu Jun Yeol’s film treasure includes many other outstanding works such as “Taxi Driver”, “The King”, and “Money”. Ryu Jun Yeol‘s impressive talent will undoubtedly propel him further in the Korean film industry.

ryu jun yeol

Jung Il Woo

Jung Il Woo can be considered as the most hardworking star, because since his debut in 2006 until now, except for 2010, he has had new film projects every year.  Thanks to the interesting role in “High Kick” Part 1, Jung Il Woo received more attention and then had chances to participate in other hit dramas such as “49 Days” and “Moon Embracing the Sun”. In 2021, Jung Il Woo achieved a good result when setting a rating record for MBN station with the drama “Bossam: Steal the Fate”. In addition to the Korean market, Jung Il Woo also tried his hand at films from China and Thailand.

Lee Je Hoon

The year 2021 is quite a glorious year for Lee Je Hoon with the success he has from two dramas, “Move To Heaven” and “Taxi Driver”. Starting his acting career in 2007, Lee Je Hoon is famous in both dramas and movies. His most well-known works include “Architecture 101”, “Where Stars Land”, “My Paparotti”, and “Signal”. With an outstanding performance this year, Lee Je Hoon will undoubtedly win prestigious awards at upcoming awards ceremonies. 

Yoo Yeon Seok

Yoo Yeon Seok, the “buddha” of “Hospital Playlist”, is the last person on this list. Yoo Yeon Seok‘s age is similar to those of his colleagues above, but his acting experience is much longer, as his first work was in 2003. This 37-year-old male star once had chances to collaborate with Song Joong Ki in “Werewolf Boy” or Lee Je Hoon in “Architecture 101”. Yoo Yeon Seok is becoming more popular by the day, thanks to his attractive appearance, impressive acting skills, and tireless efforts in each role. After “Hospital Playlist”, the public is eager to see what new role he will take on.

As a result, netizens believe there is no need to feel sorry for Kim Seon Ho, whose career has been nearly ruined as a result of the recent scandal. There are far too many male actors of Kim Seon Ho’s age who are talented, attractive, and, most importantly, have a better image in the Korean film industry. Hopefully, the faces mentioned in the article, as well as other names, will become more and more successful, bringing more high-quality products to the fans’ delight.

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