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This 26-year-old woman spent 65 million won on plastic surgery about 40 times and ears are the only natural parts on her face

The story of a 26-year-old woman who did plastic surgery on her whole body has been revealed.

Channel A’s program “Poor Like”, which aired on August 12th, featured a woman who spent 65 million won on about 40 plastic surgeries and procedures for her entire body.

This woman said that starting with the double eyelid surgery in her second year of middle school, she had undergone 15 revision surgeries on her eyes alone, including widening her eyes in the front, the back, and the bottom. 

In addition, she had surgery to make a dimple on one cheek so that it wouldn’t look like she had done plastic surgery. She also underwent ankle plastic surgery after hearing her ex-boyfriend say, “You would have been prettier if your ankles were a little thinner”.

She had plastic surgeries and procedures performed all over her body, including her forehead, nose, cheekbones, arms and thighs.

Upon hearing the story, Kim Gu-ra asked, “What are yours on your face?”. The woman said, “The ears are mine”. Confused for a moment, Lee Ji-hye then said, “If you had your ear cartilage removed, it would not be accepted”.

Satisfied with her appearance, the woman shocked everyone by revealing that she was considering doing plastic surgery on her hip. She said, “I keep paying attention to my drooping butt so I’m thinking about doing hip-up surgery”.

There was another reason why she became so obsessed with her appearance.

Revealing that she was very talented in music and that she even won a singing contest during her school days, the woman tearfully confessed, “When I sang and uploaded a video online, people only evaluated my appearance, not my singing skills”.

Meanwhile, Channel A’s “Poor Like” is a studio talk show that introduces the lives of “Poors” living in Korea and checks the empathy index of the general public through a vote for “Like” conducted with 50 audiences.  The 6th episode of “Poor Like” featuring the woman with plastic surgeries aired at 10:50 p.m today (August 12th).

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