This male singer trembled and looked into the air when same-age colleague aespa Karina asked for a handshake

The handshaking moment of aespa member Karina and same-age singer Lee Mu Jin on “Music Core” drew netizens’ attention.

aespa Karina was the special MC for MBC’s “Music Core” broadcast on May 13th.


That day, Karina led a short interview with Lee Mu Jin, who recently released the new song “Ordinary Confession”.

During the interview, Karina turned to Lee Mu Jin and said, “We are same-age friends”. She said, “Nice to meet you, my friend”, and extended her hand.

Born in 2000, both Karina and Lee Mu Jin are 24 years old this year.


Upon hearing Karina’s offer, Lee Mu Jin shook her hand while bowing slightly and replied, “Me, too. Nice to meet you, my friend”.

Especially, Lee Mu Jin was so shy that he couldn’t even make eye contact with Karina while shaking her hand so he looked into the air. After the handshake, Lee Mu Jin’s hands trembled a little and his ears slightly turned red. 


This cute moment of the two same-age singers received enthusiastic responses from netizens. Fans who saw the scene commented, “Lee Mu Jin must have felt so nervous”, “I can’t believe they are the same age”, etc.

Meanwhile, MBC’s “Music Core” broadcast on that day featured spectacular comeback stages of Lee Mu Jin, aespa, BTOB, ONEUS, etc.

Source: Insight

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