This famous girl group member changed her name because she wanted to get married 

A female idol couldn’t hide her envy when two group members got married, and so, even changed her name. 

On December 7th, on the YouTube channel “Just Hyun Young”, which is run by former Rainbow member Cho Hyun Young, Go Woo ri, a groupmate, appeared and showed off her wit, 

In particular, the two recalled an episode from when they were active as Rainbow. Then, Cho Hyun Young spotted Go Woo Ri’s wedding ring. 

Cho Hyun Young was “green with envy” and also wanted to get married, so Go Woo Ri said, “Since I met my husband after receiving Ji Sook’s bouquet, I hope you receive the strength of my wedding bouquet.” It was known that Cho Hyun Young caught the bouquet at Go Woo Ri’s wedding, which she then made into a mood light and showed in front of the camera. 

Go Woo-ri

Cho Hyun Young then emphasized that she was really surprised when Go Woo Ri first announced she was getting married, “I thought you would be the last Rainbow to get married, or just never do it at all”, she said. 

rainbow ko woo ri cho hyun young

Go Woo Ri then said that she actually added Chinese characters in her name and changed it to Ko Na Eun after a fortune teller advised her to do so. “I think it worked”, she admitted. 

Hearing this, Cho Hyun Young confessed, “So I changed my name after you. I’m now Cho Kyu Yi.” 

rainbow ko woo ri cho hyun young

Ko Woo Ri then expressed that she has become more understanding after getting married at a certain age, to which Cho Hyun Young lamented, “The older I get, the less understanding I become.” 

The female idol then explained, “I changed my name. My old one was said to have a strong tendency towards perfectionism and strong negative energy. My energy was not bright.”

rainbow ko woo ri cho hyun young

On the other hand, on October 3rd, Go Woo Ri married a 5-year-older businessman. She is also set to appear in the remake of HBO Max’s investigation drama “The Mentalist”. 

rainbow ko woo ri

Source: wikitree 

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