This “Doctor Cha” star is a “K-drama rating king”, from “Descendants of the Sun” to “Goblin”

Playing the husband of the female lead in K-drama “Doctor Cha”, Kim Byung Chul is earning huge attention. In fact, “Doctor Cha” is the only cable drama currently with a rating close to 20%, overtaking “Itaewon Class” to become the 4th-highest rated K-drama in the history of cable channel JTBC ratings.

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To fans of Korean dramas, Kim Byung Chul is an incredibly familiar face, however, before “Doctor Cha”, audiences usually only remembered him through supporting roles. Whilst not often given leading roles, however, Kim Byung Chul is a talented actor who makes a deep impression in various popular K-dramas. 

In fact, the actor can even be deemed a “K-drama rating king” with all the high-rated series he has starred in. Below are some examples. 

Descendants of the Sun

kim byung chul

It is no exaggeration to call “Descendants of the Sun” a phenomenon, with viewership ratings reaching 38% when it aired in 2016. In the drama, Kim Byung Chul plays Lieutenant Colonel Park Byung Soo, the rigid superior of Yoo Shi Jin, who always adheres to “unique” rules.


kim byung chul

Kim Byung Chul also appeared as the harbinger of fear in the hit drama “Goblin” written by Kim Eun Sook. He plays the eunuch Park Joong Heon, the manipulator who pulls strings behind the King’s decisions and the culprit behind Kim Shin’s undeserving death. After Joong Heon has become a ghost, he still haunts the now-goblin Kim Shin so that he can never break the curse nor untie the knot in the past.

Mr. Sunshine

kim byung chul

Kim Byung Chul also made an appearance in a high-rated drama “Mr. Sunshine” by Kim Eun Sook.  Departing from the horrific eunuch in “Goblin”, actor Kim transforms into Il Shik, a slave hunter and co-owner of a shop that caters to any need. His appearance may be brief but the laughter he brought was long-lasting.

SKY Castle

kim byung chul

With a whopping 23% rating, SKY Castle is maintaining a place in the top 3 highest rated cable TV dramas. In this widely loved series, Kim Byung Chul transforms into the law school professor Cha Min Hyuk. He blindly places high expectations on his children and is annoyingly condescending to other people. Min Hyuk is a go-getter; hence, notwithstanding his poor background, he is determined to even become the President. However, when he cannot realize the far-fetched dream himself, he puts it on his children. 

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